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I am to write. I knew years before blogging became a word. Actually, I have had this blog for a long time.

A ghost blog. A blog where non-captured words were floating around in my head with visions of pictures to accompany them.

Words to write flowed from my soul while I was doing the most mundane task. I had the words to write, I just never wrote them down. All the time, God’s leading said clearly, “write”.

I got that God, but can you just show me what I am supposed to SAY? By the way, there has to be a header, widget and a media gallery...Are you getting the picture God? I need more direction.

I got that God, but can you just show me what I am supposed to SAY? By the way, there has to be a web host and a header, some widgets and a media gallery…Are you getting the picture God? I need more direction. And maybe a secretary, and an editor so I won’t make any mistakes. Oh and IT staff, definitely I need an IT staff.

There are so many. many excuses as to why I didn’t. The excuses don’t matter. They were excuses. I was to write and I did NOT. God kept clearing paths for me to follow his direction. I still didn’t.

In my mind I wasn’t going to disobey God. I waiting for the perfect time, the perfect words, the perfect pictures to use. Anyway, I read phenomenal books and blogs; God had the most talented people with great insight and wisdom writing. It was evident that God didn’t need me.

When I laid it all out in my mind, I hung my disobedience on the TRUTH that God didn’t need me. That was it. That was/is The Truth.

And truth is very important to me. I am a stickler for it. Completely a liar, but a stickler for the truth. How is that for truth?

The truth of all truths is, I NEED GOD. And the truth is after days months years of disobedience the words that once flowed like a river from my soul have settled into the muck of a drying puddle. My thoughts and direction are clear as mud.

My Bible reading this morning; “Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.” Proverbs 16:3 How many times have I read and heard those words of God, yet I casually tossed aside this clear path to follow while I wandered/wondered in my own direction?Commit my works unto the Lord. What work do I commit?

When I hire someone to do work I hire them for a specific work. A plumber’s work would be to fix the leak, not weed the flower bed. Should the electrical wiring burn out, it would be ludicrous for the electrician to wash my car while I sat in the dark.

So the work I commit to God, shouldn’t it be work He has given my heart to do? This is my writing, my obedience to follow God’s leading to “kno-me-now” and to write words.

No one has to read them. They are not necessarily for the world. They are for me. Granted by God’s grace, recorded in my speck of space of space and time in His creation, is my faltering obedience.

While the words do not flow, the tears do. My prayer; Heavenly Father, sustain me. Do not leave me in my undoneness. Complete me in Your Will. I can do nothing without you and all things with you. Establish my thoughts for my good and Your Glory. Amen.


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