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Daddy’s girl…

I’m a daddy’s girl. I am. I love my mother and she loves me. She is such a life-teacher and inspiration but still, I’m a daddy’s girl. His little girl. Can you have grandchildren and be a little girl? I think you can. I know it.

December 2012:Even in the middle of chemo treatment, came to be a part of the chaos with me and my crew.

Daddy right  behind  me and my crew.

Today my heart hurts. We were told on Thursday that my daddy has cancer. For all of you who have heard those words about a family member, I am so very sorry. I have always felt sorrowful and hurt for you but I was not one of you. As cases of family history goes, my family doesn’t have cancer. We just don’t. But something went terribly awry in the universe and now we do.  I guess that how it happened in your lives too.

It is just surreal. Almost as if I could wrap my mind around the diagnosis, I would be crying my eyes out. But I’m not. I am sure that everything is going to be okay. Daddy will be fine. And in a week or two, my 85 year old daddy will walk briskly up my steps to show me where to turn off my water if that pipe leaks again. Mind you my husband is a plumber, electrician and contractor, but my daddy is who I call for a leak.  Daddy doesn’t look, walk or talk like a man in his mid 80’s.

Tree die in the front yard? To the rescue...just weeks ago.

Tree die in the front yard? To the rescue…just weeks ago. (Awful phone pic but my memory is etched clearly.)

In the morning we will meet with his new “Team”. All kinds of oncologist, surgeons, and specialist. I am thankful for them and praying for them. But I am not looking forward to meeting them. Or maybe I am. They will be my team too. We will be a strong team. My Heavenly Father, my daddy, my family and me. I am not afraid. But I feel terribly small in the fight.

Please Dear Lord, Make me as David. Fearless and faithful against the giant.


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