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Tuesday night we did a bank job…

1 bank date

But the story actually started when my husband was doing renovation work for a local bank two summers ago. He and the banker were talking after church about the work for Monday morning. (Insert mental picture of Jesus overturning the money changer’s tables.)

In that conversation the banker said, “I’m not sure what the decorator is going to do to replace those two check counters. They are heavy and I may need you to haul them off. She’ll be down from Atlanta some time next week to place some furniture she has already ordered. I’ll let you know.”

What?? My brain screamed. Those check counters have been there since I was little. They have gorgeous curvy legs and great box cubbyholes. Most likely made by one of the two well known craftsmen in our town from the 50’s and 60’s.

1 bank dark corner

I jumped in to beg. “Please, Puhlease, let me work on the check counter. If you like it, you can pay me for the work. If it doesn’t work with the new decor, then give me the one I paint and sell the other one.” (I had visions of a check counter in the middle of any room in my house.)

1 bank dark cropped

He agreed. Jack brought it home and I started to work. I sanded the shiny paint finish down a bit and wiped it down with mineral spirits drenched cloth. Then I primed it with Kilz spray primer.

1 bank primed

Typically I use chalk paint or milk paint on furniture. But this piece would have a lot of use and would have to be durable without wax updates. So I chose Behr latex paint (my favorite) applied with a spray gun and air compressor. It took about 3 coats to cover the gloss brown paint. I sanded lightly between each, then distressed with a mouse sander places where the piece would have normally worn with age and to show the strong lines of the piece.

1 bank painted corner

Note: distressing latex is not as easy as distressing paint made especially for furniture. Latex will roll and be gummy if rubbed before it cures. It will be require muscle and if it has cured too long. I did both. Yes I did.

For a durable finish I used the spray gun to apply a 3 light coats of Minwax clear drying Polycrylic. Sanding very lightly between them also.

It was by no means an afternoon paint job. With all the cubbyholes and because it was latex, this was one of the most time consuming pieces I have done.

1 bank home cubbyholes

Many hours stretched into days of sanding and painting but….

It turned out the decorator wanted to keep the piece and sent the other one for me to redo. Thus the process to started over.

1 bank close up for corner

Our kitties were thrilled.

1 bank cat in furniture

I’ve been to the bank many times since then but never took pictures of the check counters in place.  (I should have taken pictures when the bank was on the Christmas tour this year. The decorations were astounding and the tree, AAAmazing! )

Then Tuesday night Jack had to do some new work there and my job was to hand him tools,  hold something up, shop vac his mess, etc. etc. etc.

1 bank usse tools

Excuse the blurry hand. He was holding up a bathroom stall door and someone was supposed to hand him this screwdriver and I was hurriedly was taking the picture before the aggravated voice sounded. Just missed the deadline.

I had taken my ipad lest I got bored and was tempted to see if the vault code was my birthday date. I know when my curiosity needs curtailing but codes on doors with big steering wheels seriously intrigued me.

1 big eye watching

Naturally since I had my ipad, I had to take pictures of my work set in its fancy home.  But it was covered in stuff.  Slightly annoyed, I removed all the flyers and papers off my prized piece and took a few pics.

1 bank use whole

1 bank maybe use

And this is what it would look like to an 8ft customer or anyone banking while perched on a ladder.

1 bank above shot

Putting all the papers back on top, I looked at what the bank was giving place to on my prized piece.   Turns out this is what is so important: the Peanut Proud Celebration,

1 bank use peanut

the 4H Tomato sale,

1 bank use tomato

the menu for a new restaurant in town,

1 bank use peking

the Poker Run and Walk Georgia to keep us healthy.

1 bank use with papersMy heart smiled at the lesson just for me. What was really important was covering up my sinful pride.

I love community.

1 bank through window

For the record there is nothing like living in a town where if you need to do a bank job at night, you just get the key.

1 bank key

Never heard of Peanut Proud? Here’s a glimpse of it in this video made for my Iowa grandson who prayed diligently to come.

Have a great week!


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